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Consent Form: Embryo(s)/Fetal reduction


Consent Form: Embryo(s)/Fetal reduction I/we ________________________________________________________ Name, Date of Birth In connection with the high risk of pregnancy loss, associated with my multiple pregnancies, please perform the embryo(s)/fetal reduction. I explained about embryo/fetal reduction procedures. I informed that the embryo(s)/fetal reduction can lead to the termination of pregnancy. I declare and confirm that I [...]

CONSENT FORM for Vaginal Aesthetic Surgery


CONSENT FORM for Vaginal Aesthetic Surgery I have elected to have vaginal aesthetic surgery for the following reasons(patient: Write in your own words here): ____________________________________________________________________________________________ I understand that these procedures are designed to help eliminate symptomatic “bulges” from the vagina, and/or improve the appearance   and/or “size” and “tone” to the vagina In [...]

Genetic Amniocentesis


Genetic Amniocentesis The purpose of amniocentesis is to detect certain birth defects, including most fetal chromosome disorders. My reason for having amniocentesis is ________________________________________. Before the amniocentesis I will have an ultrasound to help locate the placenta and fetus. Ultrasound may also detect twins, incorrect dating of the pregnancy, and [...]