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Vaginal Narrowing

Excessive dilated entrance of vagina usually is a result of  natural birth, episiotomy and perineotomy. But in some cases it can also occur in women with no history of vaginal delivery and/or  perineal  incisions and suturing.

Patients with wide vaginal entrance complain of worsening of sexual life, perineal cosmetic defects, increased vaginal discharge that irritates the perineal area.

Special sutures ( Vaginal Narrower threads) are used to repair cosmetic and functional defects of perineum. The lifting effect on the tissues is facilitated by small cogs on the thread.


  • Outpatient (same-day) surgery
  • Local anesthesia
  • Minimally  invasive procedure
  • Fast healing
  • Short recovery
  • Improvement of comfort and sexual life
  • Long-lasting effect
Vaginal Narrowing