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Chorionic villus sampling

Chorionic villus sampling (CVS)   perform  like  early  prenatal test for  detection of chromosomal and genetic abnormality.

CVS – this is a very accurate method for diagnosing aneuploidy carried out in the first trimester from 10  to 13 weeks of gestation, much earlier than amniocentesis and with a minimum risk of complications for the mother and fetus. The sex of the fetus is also determined, which is important for the diagnosis of certain types of muscular dystrophies that are often found in a male fetus.

Considering that CVS can be done  an early gestation, and the test results are ready within 10-14 days, this allows in case of positive results of chromosomal pathology, decide a  safer termination of pregnancy.


  • High risk in first trimester screening test (>1:300)

  • Family history of chromosomal abnormality

  • Previous child with aneuploidy

  • Parents carrier status for genetic condition